Scarifying Lawn Treatment

Why does my lawn need scarifying?
Lawns develop developed a lot of debris known as thatch as well as moss, this needs to be scarified to remove this to allow the grass space to grow.

A large thatch layer up to 20mm will restrict the movement of air, water, fertilizer and other materials to the roots of the grass. Scarifying your lawn will remove this.
Our Scarifying (spring to late summer)
Our professional petrol scarifier uses vertically spinning blades to remove dead organic matter (thatch) and moss from the surface and sub-surface of your lawn. It also trims grass shoots and roots encouraging tillering for a denser healthier lawn.

By removing thatch from the lawn this operation improves drainage allowing moisture and nutrients to reach the grass roots.

We can put the thatch and waste on your compost heap or green bin or alternatively, take it away.

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