Lawn Renovation

Have you lawns seen better days? Are they full of weeds, moss, thatch and bare patches?
Very few lawns are beyond repair to SuperGrass lawn care and our lawn renovation work.

Will transform your lawn into a surface to be proud of,and for a much lower cost than returfing.

Lawn renovation is a process whereby the lawn is stripped back to bare earth
  • First we spray the weeds and moss maybe two to three times during the process
  • After the weeds have died and the moss turned black we cut the grass on the lowest setting possible, next
  • We carry out deep scarification on of the lawn in at least two different directions (more on badly infested lawns) to remove the dead moss ,thatch and weeds ,all waste is cleared from the lawn
  • The next operation is to hollow tine airate the lawn to relieve compaction and greatly improve the drainage, all cours removed from lawn
  • Next we overseed the lawn using a professional seed mix then a premium topdressing mix of loam, soil and fine sand is applied to the surface then levelled covering the seed followed by an application of a pre seeder fertiliser to feed the new grass shoots when they appear
all work is guaranteed
Later I always return to make regular inspection trips to make sure everything is growing to plan and when ready, I will roll the lawn which encourages tillering, which makes the lawn thicken up and I will give the lawn its first cut as it is so important not to cut the new grass too short.

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