Supergrass Lawn Care Services & Programmes

We offer a bespoke lawn treatment service tailored to you
Our SuperGrass lawn care treatment programme has been developed so your lawn gets the correct treatments at the right time of year taking into account the conditions and your lawns exact requirements. Our lawn care treatment services aims at weeds, moss and their control and nurturing and feeding the lawn throughout the year to give you the greenest and finest lawn possible.
March to May – Spring Fertilizer
A temperature activated slow release lawn fertilizer is applied to give your lawn an attractive early colour and feed and kick start the growth for the season.

A selective weed killer is applied to target and then kills the weeds in your lawn. Moss control if required can be carried out as can scarification and aeration.
May to July – Summer Fertilizer
A high quality temperature activated lawn fertilizer is applied to the lawn to continue to feed and nourish your lawn, strengthening the roots and sword.

A selective weed killer is applied to target weeds in your lawn. Some lawns may need subsequent applications for the more resistant turf weeds. This treatment is safe for pets and children.
July to September
In late summer, a high quality temperature activated lawn fertilizer is applied to keep the lawn well fed, lush and green. An application of selective weed killer is applied for any further weed invasion. End of July is a good time to start scarification/aeration.
September to February - Autumn/winter fertilizer
This treatment utilises a high iron content to give your lawn excellent winter colour and help control moss. The micro nutrients in the feed harden the grass plant for winter months and encourage deep rooting, essential for maintaining a healthy lawn through to spring. These are the months we carry out moss control (ie scarification and aeration).

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